Beautiful Bangladesh

The beauty of Bangladesh knows no bound. Its colorful six seasons, vast plain paddy fields, graceful rivers and river sides, the green villages, many historical land marks, longest sea beach and largest mangrove forest in the world and warm-hearted people accepting guests always remind someone the enchanting beauty of Bangladesh.


Bangladesh celebrates 'Bengali New Year' with the arrival of 'Summer'. Summer stays for two months 'Baishakh' and 'Jaishtha' which are the first two months in Bengali calendar. Summer can be defined as the season of taste where the most varieties of fruits are found. Variety of many fruits ripe in this season.


The second season in Bengali calendar is 'Rainy-Season'. The season when mother nature shower It's blessings in the form of rain in this greenland. 'Ashar' and 'Sravan' together makes the Rainy-Season. It this the time of the year when nature gets alive and breathes properly. Crops like Jute and Rice grow in this season.


After the season full of cats and dogs, drizzling rain the arrival of our fourth season happens. 'Autumn' stays during the month of 'Bhadra' and 'Arshin'. The season of clouds. In Autumn, the sky dresses up in its best outfit. The white clouds look like cottons in the beautiful blue sky. Many beautiful flowers also bloom in this poetic season.


The next season is 'Late-Autumn'. The months 'Kartic' and 'Agrahayan' make this season. Late-Autumn is the season of festive. The Hindu people of Bangladesh welcomes one of their goddesses 'Durga' and celebrates 'Durga Puja'. And the farmers celebrate the festive of 'Nabanna' because it's the season of 'Sonali Dhan' where the farmers harvest rice.


After Late-Autumn comes the season of morning beauty 'Winter'. It stays in the months of 'Poush' and 'Magh'. The nights become longer and days shorter and the whole days gloomier than any other season. But the charismatic beauty of the mornings of Winter shows us, is such a blessing! The dew drops looking like cristal in grass, the variety of 'Pithas', the fog looking like clouds definitely increases the beauty of nature.


The last and the most colorful season is 'Spring'. 'Falgoon' and 'Chaitra' are the months of Spring. Mother nature gets ready just like a bride in this season. Colorful flowers bloom all over the country. And life becomes happier of the people of this country by seeing so much color around them and hearing the sweet voice of a 'Cuckoo'.

Land of Rivers

Bangladesh is a riverine country. According to Bangladesh Water development board (BWDB) ... But the number differs ambiguously due to the lack of updated information.Most of the country's land is formed through silt brought by the rivers.

Land of Stories

There are thousands of untold beautiful stories. which is yours to discover

Travel in Beautiful Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the beautiful country in Asia, full of fun loving people. The beauty is not in the city. You have to travel to the country side to get the stories of Bangladesh. The land of river and land of hope eating people.

World Heritage Sites of Bangladesh

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‘The Sundarbans’ was announced as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on 21 May, 1997 under the category of ‘Natural’. It is situated at Khulna division, Bangladesh. It covers an area of about 6,017 square kilometers in the South-west forests of our country. It is the biggest Mangrove forest on earth which adjoins the rivers of Baleswar from East and Harinbhanga from West to Bay of Bengal.


Sixty Dome Mosque

‘Sixty Dome Mosque’ was announced as a World Heritage Site in the year of 1985 which is located at Bagerhat, Bangladesh. It covers an area of 1,605 square metres and was constructed by Khan Jahan Ali. It is known for it’s unique interior and historical interests.


Somapura Mahavihara

‘Sompur Mahavihara’ was discovered in 1985 at Naogaon, Bangladesh. Its elevation is 24 meters (80 feet). It is an Anthropological Pattern which was built by Pala Dynasty on 12th century. It is one of the earliest sites of Bengal, where significant amount of Hindu statues were found.