Social Business Student’s Forum (SBSF) is a well renowned youth led organisation of Bangladesh. This forum practices the culture of Social Business in the national and international context. For the sustainability of an  international forum it is essential to go for international exposure. Feeling that need, Social Business Students’ Forum is going to organize “Virtual Social Business Students’ Forum” on 25 th and 26 th November, 2020. The main objective of this program is to ensure a strong collaboration amongst students’ leaders around the world. Virtual Social Business Students’ Forum is designed for Global Young Leaders from around the world to be more prepared in facing the future world without borders.

We will not be only bounded to our forum, university or country, through this program we destined to reach all over the world in every sphere. Through this program, students can build up an exclusive network, knowing social problems, exciting experience, developed leadership skills, international exposure, enhanced resume and knowing different cultures etc. “Virtual Social Business Students’ Forum” will create a new door of opportunities for the youth leaders trying to make positive change in the society. Our program aimed at creating strategic platform for job seeker to solve unemployment problem. Students will get the scope of being member of SBSF without any cost. With that continuity students will be ensured of perennial Global Network Excellency.

Why Should You Participate

Key Features

Keynote Speech

Keynote Speech will be delivered by Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus on Role of students Zeroing Poverty, Unemployment & net-carbon emissions.

Open House Discussion

Open House Discussion will be conducted to share and generate all activities of this program.

Panel Discussion

To bring a unique perspective; Panelist will be moderated by a member of SBSF.

Cross Cultural Activities

With the motive of increasing and coping with an individual's ability to understand the culture of others, values, and ethos of another, cross-culture activities are going to be an auspicious portion of this program.

SBSF Global Network

This momentous program is designed to establish a global network in SBSF and indoctrinate social business among youth leaders. SBSF Global Network is going to increase the knowledge of the world tremendously to represent different countries at a global level through learning social business and developed new ideas. To build SBSF Global Network, through this program we strive to innovate a strategic platform to develop and explore as well as create changes to make the world a better place.

Registration Procedure

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